Apr 21, 2018  
College Catalog 2012-2013 
College Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish (B.A.)

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Student Learning Outcomes for Spanish:

Students will be able to:

  • Communicate (speak and comprehend) at the ‘Advanced’ level according to ACTFL guidelines.

  • Read and write at the “Advanced’ level; demonstrate ability to critique written materials; and apply research skills to the completion of a senior writing research project.

  • Discuss the phonetic/phonological, morphological, semantic, dialectal, and syntactical structures of the Spanish language.

  • Explain history, culture, and politics of Latin America, Spain, and the Hispanic presence in the USA.

  • Apply the tools of literary analysis to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of literary texts.

  • Identify and define the periods, movements, and main authors and works of Spanish and Latin American literary history.


Spanish majors must complete a minimum of 20 credits in residency (four 300-level courses and SP 495) and a minimum of 15 credits (five courses) at the 300 (advanced) level or above in an approved study-abroad program over two semesters. Students must complete non-survey courses that include one Spanish syntax, morphology and/or phonetics; one Spanish writing and/or speaking; one Spanish history, one art and/or culture of the country including, but not limited to, civilization, cultural periods, and cultural heritage; one Spanish Literature focusing on an author, genre, country or literary period; and one Spanish elective.

Other requirements include two oral interviews and a student portfolio (due November 30th or April 30th of the student’s final year). An initial oral interview must be completed prior to going abroad and a rating of Intermediate must be obtained. A second oral interview will be completed after the study-abroad experience has been completed and a rating of Advanced must be obtained.

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