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College Catalog 2014-2015 
College Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business (B.S.)

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Preparation for a career in international business requires an understanding of foreign cultures, language, and cross-cultural interaction skills, a broad background in business, an internship, and skills in a functional area of business. A student will gain further understanding of specific areas of business by concentrating in one of five areas: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing.

Student Learning Outcomes for International Business:

  • Acquire knowledge of the functional areas of business and explain the integrated nature of business function.

  • Develop analytical reasoning skills and technical expertise for use in a variety of managerial situations.

  • Develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills necessary to succeed in a diverse, global environment.

  • Integrate ethics, and personal and social responsibility, in decision making.

  • Acquire language skills and technical proficiency in the field of international business.

An international business major must complete the following requirements in the four components of the program:

Modern Languages

Requirements for the modern language component include 211 and 212 of a modern language and a minimum rating of Intermediate High/1+ on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) scale for French, German or Spanish. Those pursuing the Japanese language must achieve the designated level of the Japanese Foundation Proficiency Test. For the Chinese language, the requirements include CHN 211  and CHN 212  and at least eight additional credit hours of Chinese language completed in China during the semester of study abroad.

And 12 credits in one of the following concentrations:

Accounting concentration:

Economics concentration:

Finance concentration:

Management concentration:

Marketing concentration:

Experiential Learning

To meet requirements of the experiential learning component, a student must complete an internship and also must study abroad in a foreign country where the target language is spoken. The study-abroad requirement is at least one semester with a program approved by the Department of Business and the Office of Registration and Records.

Admission to the International Business major is limited to 25 first-year students each year in order to maintain the quality of the program and to provide the necessary assistance for each student. Transfers are permitted from within the College or from other institutions on a space-available basis.

First-year international business majors are selected by the Department of Business faculty. The selection process includes consideration of: 1) academic accomplishments, 2) motivation and aptitude, 3) preparation for international business study, 4) leadership and communications, and 5) interest in international business.

A prospective student must submit an application with all supporting documents to the Admissions Office before March 15. Applications received after March 15 only will be considered on a space-available basis.

Foreign students who are majoring in International Business should consult with the Director of the program during their first year to discuss their specific course requirements.

Admission to the International Business program does not imply that a student is guaranteed completion of the entire course of study. Generally, a student needs a 3.00 grade point average to qualify for a study-abroad program which is a requirement for graduation in this major.

For further information: Contact Dr. Hossein Varamini, Program Director.

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