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College Catalog 2018-2019 
College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fine Arts Education (B.A.)

Admission to the Fine Arts Education program is dependent upon meeting the general requirements for admission to the undergraduate program of the Department of Education. Please refer to the course catalog for the admission requirements for the undergraduate program of the Department of Education. Upon completion of this degree program, students are eligible to obtain the Pennsylvania Teaching Certification in Art PK-12.

Several Studio Art and Art History courses are double-counted to fulfill both Core and Art Education major requirements. Formal Acceptance must be met as a prerequisite to all ED 300 courses and ART 310  and ART 315 .

PLEASE NOTE: A complete list of the foundational requirements (including a list of approved English Literature courses) can be found in the EDUCATION MANUAL.


Annually updated state required TB test, and criminal, child abuse and FBI record clearances

FY___   SO___   JR___   SR___    

Grade C or better in ED 105___    Grade C or better in ED 151___

PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE needed for 200-level ED courses:

Cumulative GPA at 27 credits, >= 2.80___

Submit Digication e-portfolio___                                                 

FORMAL ACCEPTANCE needed for 300-Level ED courses:

Cumulative GPA at 54 credits, >= 3.00___

Passing scores on Basic Skills Assessment___                                                    

Submit Digication e-portfolio___

Two Math: MA___ and MA___

Two English: EN 100 or EN 150 ___  and EN Literature___

In addition, students must complete one of the following concentrations:

Suggested Four Year Planner:

First Year Suggested Courses:

Fourth Year Suggested Courses: