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College Catalog 2018-2019 
College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Studies (B.S.)

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Student Learning Outcomes for Social Studies certification:

Students will be able to:

  • Plan, design, and implement research-based instructional and assessment practices appropriate for students between seventh and twelve grades.

  • Develop and apply instructional methodologies, including the use of technology, appropriate for students between seventh and twelve grades.

  • Demonstrate content knowledge in the disciplines of social studies - history, economics, geography, civics and government, sociology, anthropology, and psychology.

  • Critically apply content knowledge and skills germane to the disciplines of social studies to facilitate student learning appropriate for students between seventh and twelve grades.

  • Create, organize, and maintain an effective and safe classroom environment conducive to the learning and development of students between seventh and twelve grades.

  • Design and implement successful interventions responsive to the needs of students between seventh and twelve grades.

  • Exhibit the qualities that characterize a professional individual, including professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities of a certified teacher.

  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to continued professional development and service.

Students pursuing a Social Studies certification acquire a mastery of the various subject fields that are part of a secondary social studies curriculum. In addition, the program provides training in the techniques of teaching, along with actual teaching experience in a social studies classroom. Upon successful completion of the program, students are certified to teach social studies in secondary schools in Pennsylvania and, by reciprocal agreement, in several other states.

For further information, contact the Social Studies Major Advisor, Dr. Rachel Finley-Bowman, Department of Education.

PLEASE NOTE: A complete list of the foundational requirements (including a list of approved English Literature courses) can be found in the EDUCATION MANUAL.


Annually updated state required TB test, and criminal, child abuse and FBI record clearances

FY___   SO___   JR___   SR___    

Grade C or better in ED 105___    Grade C or better in ED 151___

PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE needed for 200-level ED courses:

Cumulative GPA at 27 credits, >= 2.80___

Submit Digication e-portfolio___                                                 

FORMAL ACCEPTANCE needed for 300-Level ED courses:

Cumulative GPA at 54 credits, >= 3.00___

Passing scores on Basic Skills Assessment___                                                    

Submit Digication e-portfolio___

Two Math: MA___ and MA___

Two English: EN 100 or EN 150 ___  and EN Literature___

One of the following elective options:

  • One European History course
  • One Non-European/Non-U.S. History course
  • One Sociology course
  • One Anthropology course

Suggested Four Year Planner:

Fourth Year Suggested Courses:


Students must be scheduled for ED 105  in the fall and ED 151  in the spring, before the end of their first year. Completing both before the sophomore year is critical.

All Education majors must complete two English courses (one writing and one literature) and two Math courses (MA prefix) by the end of their sophomore year.

Students pursuing a major in Social Studies Education may double major in History . Students electing to double-major may take up to 20 credits in up to two semesters (fall or spring) at Elizabethtown College without paying a credit overload fee.

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