Jan 21, 2020  
SCPS College Catalog 2018-2019 
SCPS College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Strategic Leadership

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Upon completion of this certificate program, you will have further developed your expertise and experience in the following critical areas of strategic leadership:

Develop & Articulate Leadership Style 

  • Develop and articulate your own, unique leadership style.  Through a mix of coursework, case studies, and a leadership profile tool, you will analyze various leadership styles, discern your own strengths and challenges, and, ultimately, articulate and further hone your personal leadership style.

Lead & Manage Change 

  • Building on your unique leadership style and personal reflection, you will develop skills to effectively assess team dynamics, corporate structures, and foster collaboration, innovation, and creativity to successfully and strategically implement change in your organization.

Identify Problems & Develop Solutions 

  • Effectively identify problems, assess their impact, and collaborate to develop sound solutions. Strategically communicate your plan to those responsible for execution as well as, key internal and external stakeholders. 

Build Teams & Collaborate Across Sectors 

  • Examine how individual personalities, team dynamics, corporate structures, and organizational needs provide direction for a strategic leader. Analyze high and low performing teams and discover how tasks and goals impact team design and function leading to building effective teams, including team leadership.  Explore the fostering of collaboration and teamwork across departmental, organizational, and industry sectors.

Communicate Strategically 

  • Develop strategies for creating clear and compelling messages with consideration to ethics, feedback, team collaboration and persuasion, assessing constituent needs, analyzing your personal communication style, and evaluating effective communication channels.

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