Nov 29, 2023  
College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology (B.A.)

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Student Learning Outcomes for Psychology major:

Students will be able to:

Scientific and Critical Thinking

  • Critically analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas.
  • Conduct independent psychological research and apply psychological and methodological concepts to novel research ideas.

Knowledge Base

  • Describe current and historical concepts and theories within the domains of the field: Mind and Body, Self and Society, Clinical and Counseling.

Ethical Reasoning in the Field

  • Apply ethical standards to evaluation of psychological science and practice with sensitivity to context, diversity, and human differences.


  • Effectively convey an evidence-based analysis of psychological research and theories through oral and written formats.
  • Interact effectively with others in academic and applied settings.

Professional Development

  • Apply psychological content and skills to career goals and cultivate a sense of purposeful life work.

The Psychology major requires:

Domains of Psychology

Among courses taken in Mind and Body, Self and Society, or Clinical and Counseling, two must be at the 300-level.

First Year Suggested Courses:


PSY 105  is a prerequisite to all psychology courses, except PSY 130 PSY 211 , and NEU 125 NEU 312 NEU 320  and NEU 325 .

Students must achieve an average of a C- or better for PSY 280  and PSY 285  to continue in the major.


For those students pursing the Elizabethtown College Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology 3+2 Pipeline Program, please note the following recommendations:

  • For the 3+2 Program, students will be required to take Summer and/or Winter Term courses in order to attain the required 125 credits in 3 years (unless they already have sufficient credits when they begin their B.A. such as through A.P. or dual enrollment courses). The recommended Summer courses could include, for example:
    • WCH Core (PSY 130 – Introduction to LGBTQ+ Issues)
    • NPS Core With Lab (PHY 105 – How Things Work)
    • MA Core (MA 251 – Probability and Statistics)
    • PSY 475 – Internship in Psychology (2.00 credit minimum)
    • 2 Additional Free Electives (4.00 credits each)
  • The admission requirements and curriculum are listed under the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Program in the Catalog.

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