Dec 07, 2023  
College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024

Catalog Addendums


Elizabethtown College endeavors to accurately present our programs and policies to our prospective and enrolled student community.   Academic Affairs make every effort to ensure the published catalog, class schedule, and other public information presented is correct and up to date.  Elizabethtown College reserves the right to add, amend, or retract any statements, regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures.   The College assumes no responsibility for misinterpretation by students of policies and procedures presented in this Catalog, or the Addendum.   School Deans, Academic Advisors, and members of the Office of Registration and Records are available and support students in achieving their academic goals and to clarify college policies and procedures. 

What is an Addendum?

Elizabethtown College publishes our annual Catalog in May of each year.  The Addendum is a summary of additions, reactivations, deactivations, and changes that have been approved through faculty governance since the initial Catalog publication.   All approved changes and additions made this academic year are reflected in this addendum.  The information contained in this publication is the most accurate and up to date information pertaining to academics at Elizabethtown College.    


The following question and answer section provided guidance to common questions about how to use this important document.   Students should seek guidance on addendum items through the support of their Academic Advisors, and Dean, for course and program planning.   


**Please note, the contents of the Addendum do NOT appear in the PDF version of the full Catalog.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do we have an Addendum?

A. The Addendum exists to support students and our campus community locate changes or additions approved through faculty governance since the initial publication of the Catalog.


Q. How do I use the Addendum?

A. The Addendum is to be used in company with the 2023-2024 Catalog, not in isolation.   This Addendum provides up to date information pertaining to academics at Elizabethtown College.


Q. Does the Addendum supersede the Catalog?

A. The Addendum is an addition to the 2023-2024 Catalog.  Items included in the Addendum supersede what is in the published Catalog.   However, graduation requirements are governed by the College Catalog dated four years prior to graduation or, for major or minor requirements, by the College Catalog in effect at the time of graduation if the student so chooses.  For most students, this means they will follow the requirements of the Catalog in effect when they begin their studies at Elizabethtown College.   Students should review the full “Other Graduation Requirements Policy” in the Catalog for more details. 



The School of Public Service is offering a new course, CJ 100: WCH Introduction to Criminal Justice starting spring semester 2024.  Approval by Academic Council October 31, 2023.

ESC 495: Exercise Science Senior SeminarApproved by Academic Council December 4, 2023.

3.00 credits. Students will prepare and present projects, based on their internship or academic experiences that represent a cogent synthesis of their learning throughout the exercise science curriculum. These projects can involve faculty-guided research, community projects or entrepreneurial activities, as well as other projects as approved by the faculty. Students will effectively communicate the purposes, outcomes and reflections on their work in written and verbal form. Next, students will engage in review and refresher study of critical topics needed for successful certification by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Students must complete at least one ACSM or NSCA exam prior to graduation and proof of examination completion is required to pass the course. Signature Learning Experience - Capstone Experience. *Prerequisite(s): ESC 340 Exercise Physiology and ESC 341 Exercise Physiology Lab, and Senior Exercise Science Majors only.


The School of Arts and Humanties has sunset the French Minor.   Students enrolled prior to Fall 2023 are unable to declare the minor.   Incoming students, Fall 2023, will be allowed to declare the French minor through the official FY Declaration Process during their spring semester Preliminary Check-In.   The minor cannot be declared after January 16, 2023, by any enrolled student.  Approval by Academic Council October 17, 2023.


Student Life

Course Modifications for Non-native English Speakers - Approved by Academic Council December 14, 2023.

Elizabethtown College is committed to providing equal access to all courses, programs, and services for non-native (international and domestic) English speakers.  The college supports students through tutoring, learning resources, course modifications, and learning opportunities.

Students interested in these programs should email Ms. Maria Petty, International Student Programs Advisor, or call (717) 361-1594.