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College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Public Service

Dean of the School of Public Service

Dr. April Kelly
Nicarry Hall, Room 236
Faculty: Gillis, Helb, Hughes, Johnson, Kanagy, Kozimor, McClellan, Ozkanca, Poniatowski, G. Ricci, Silberstein, Telleen

For more information, please visit the School’s website or check your course syllabi, which are available through the course instructor or at the High Library.


The School of Public Service is grounded in the mission of Elizabethtown College - educate for service. We believe that education is most noble when used to benefit others. Our programs empower students to use their knowledge, expertise, and communication skills to solve pressing problems in their communities and around the globe.  

Graduates for our program are leaders who pursue meaningful careers within all levels of government, non-profit agencies, the legal community, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), media organizations, and other places where they can make a difference. They shape public policy, lead community organizations, inform public discourse, build positive community relations, and design programs and initiatives to serve the public interest.


The School of Public Service includes programs in Criminal Justice, Journalism, Legal Studies, Mass Communications, Media Analytics and Social Media, Political Science, Public Health, Public Relations, and Sociology.

Honors in the Discipline

The School of Public Service participates in the College Honors in the Discipline Program. For guidelines, students should consult their advisor.


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science


Master of Public Policy