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College Catalog 2013-2014 
College Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Modern Languages

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Lorenzen (Chair), Barnada, Bhattacharya, Harman, Jing, Linares-Farras, Takahashi

For more information, please visit the Department’s website or check your course syllabi, which are available through the course instructor or at the High Library.

The study of a modern foreign language brings together practical training in language skills – understanding, speaking, reading and writing – with an understanding of the sociology, history and literature of the culture. The pragmatic virtues of a usable skill are joined with the humanistic values of liberal education.

The Department of Modern Languages offers programs of study that reflect its desire to encourage both mastery of one or more foreign languages and an overall appreciation of the cultural contexts in which they occur. The Department serves the Core Program, Bachelor of Arts degree major and minor language candidates, students whose degree programs require studies in languages, and students who – for professional or personal reasons – wish to broaden their cultural background.


The Department offers majors in French , German , Japanese , Spanish , and Spanish Education  Language majors are required to participate in a BCA Study Abroad or another Department-approved program for one academic year or equivalent of two separate semesters. Non-majors who have completed 212 or above also are encouraged to participate in the BCA or approved study-abroad programs.


The Department of Modern Languages offers minors in French , German , Japanese  and Spanish . Each minor require a minimum of four courses (16 credits).

General Information

All students with more than two full years of language preparation must take courses at the 112-level or above. The appropriate language level is determined by an online placement test. In the case of Japanesse placement, students must contact the Japanese faculty.

Native and heritage speakers must contact the Department Chair, if they plan to take courses in their native or heritage language.

For further information, please consult the Modern Language Department’s website or the Department Chair.

Honors in the Discipline

The Department of Modern Languages participates in the College Honors in the Discipline Program. For guidelines, students should consult the Department Chair.

Modern Languages Courses

Courses in Chinese and other languages are offered depending on student interest and availability of staff.

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