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College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English (B.A.)

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Student Learning Outcomes for English:

Students will be able to:

  • Produce a variety of texts using creative, rhetorical, and analytical strategies.
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and precisely in multiple modes.
  • Identify appropriate primary and secondary research materials, apply them to support original arguments and correctly cite their sources.
  • Explore and analyze the relationships among literature, language, culture, and history.
  • Integrate and synthesize reading, writing and other communication skills in purposeful life work and professional settings.

Electives (8 credits):

  • Two English Electives (EN 165  or higher) or
  • One English Elective (EN 165  or higher) and
  • a second semester of an Ancient or Modern Language course


First Year students in the English Literature Concentration should take British Literature I and/or American Literature I in the Fall semester; and they should take British Literature II and/or American Literature II in the Spring semester of that first year. If this is not possible, then Literature students should try their best to do the American and British Survey courses “in order”—i.e., I and then II, for each Survey Sequence—as this will enable them to see more clearly the development of and changes in literary and cultural traditions.

Literature students should also take their EN100/EN150 course in the Fall of their Freshman Year, because this course is a prerequisite to taking the second courses of the American and British Survey Sequences, both of which have GWR designations.

English Majors who are uncertain whether to declare the Literature or the Professional Writing Concentration are encouraged to take EN185 in the Fall or Spring semester of their first year, as well as the 200-Level Survey class(es).

All English Literature Majors satisfy Core requirements for WCH, HUM, and GWR by taking the four, 200-Level American and British Survey courses. Professional Writing and Secondary Education English Majors can fulfil the GWR course by taking the second course of either the American or the British Survey Sequence. It is preferable if English Majors take English Department courses to fulfil their WCH, HUM, and GWR Core requirements.

With the exception of EN165 and EN185, no 100-Level EN courses can be counted toward the English Major, although EN101–EN104 satisfy Core requirements.

If a student chooses to take an Ancient or Modern Language course for the Elective Options requirement of the Literature Concentration, that course will count only if it is the second course that the student has taken at the College level. For example, if the student takes LAT112 to fulfil Core requirements, then this upper-level course will not also fulfil the English requirement.

When considering the Core programme’s two Signature Learning Experience (SLE) requirements, students should be aware that the English Literature Concentration automatically provides two SLEs as part of its programme: the 400-Level Authors Seminars count as Supervised Research; and the Capstone requirement (either EN495 or EN496) serves as a Capstone SLE.

At the invitation of the English Department, EN490 and EN491 (Individual Learning Experiences: 4 credits total) may be substituted for one of the 300- or 400-Level Literature courses.

EN480–EN489 (Independent Study, variable topics and credits) may be substituted where appropriate for English Major requirements

Professional Writing courses are included in the Literature Concentration because they can serve as good career preparation for Literature students; and Creative Writing courses are included as options because they can enrich students’ knowledge of literature and expand the range of their writing skills. If Literature Concentration students are unsure which Professional and/or Creative Writing courses may be good to pursue in relation to their post-graduation plans, then they should ask their Academic Advisor for assistance.

Internship Requirement

Students must take a 2-credit or 4-credit Internship. They may choose one 4-credit Internship, two 2-credit Internships, or a 2-credit Internship combined with another English elective of 2 or 4 credits. Students must participate in disciplinary internship modules. 

First Year Suggested Courses:


Students must take a minimum of one 200-level American-themed literature course and a minimum of one 200-level British-themed literature course (either a Focus course or a Survey course will fulfill this requirement).

100-level English literature courses cannot be counted toward the English Professional Writing major, although many do satisfy Core requirements.

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