Jul 14, 2024  
SGPS Catalog 2024-2025 
SGPS Catalog 2024-2025

Human Services - Behavioral and Addictions Counseling (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services – Behavioral and Addictions Counseling is designed to provide a strong foundation and knowledge-base in human services content, as well as providing specialized content in the area of addictions and behavior disorders. Behavioral and Addictions Counseling courses have been strategically selected so that students obtain the educational requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor exam.

The Department of Labor reports that careers involving substance abuse and behavior disorder counseling will increase by 27 percent by 2020. This spike is due in part to more people seeking help for addictions and behaviors and by offenders being sentenced to treatment rather than jail time. A proactive professional also can help decrease substance abuse; health educators, those who educate people of all ages about healthy habits and behaviors, are also set to grow much faster than the average.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to

  • Implement a personal philosophy of human services in the workplace.
  • Apply both theory and practical skills in the human services work environment and community-at-large.
  • Apply interpersonal and group communication skills.
  • Apply critical thinking and counseling skills, along with problem-solving strategies to the profession of human services.
  • Collaborate using an interdisciplinary approach to human services.
  • Demonstrate leadership, professionalism, and ethical decision making using a socially responsible lens.