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Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025 
Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025

Individualized Major (B.A.)

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An Individualized Major at Elizabethtown College allows students to pursue unique disciplinary trajectories by working in close collaboration with faculty from multiple disciplines.

Program Requirements

A student who wishes to declare an individualized major will ordinarily need to do so in writing only after completing 30 credit hours and before completing 48 credit hours.

A student seeking to pursue an individualized major will select faculty co-advisors from two different disciplines, or a faculty advisor and an advisor from the Academic Advising office

In consultation with the aforementioned co-advisors, the student will submit a program of study to the Registration and Records Office that includes:

  • a personal statement of intent (300-word minimum) that explains the unique nature of the individualized major; the intellectual, career, and/or creative path; and the student learning outcomes that the student has in mind.
  • explanation of how (at least) two Signature Learning Experiences will be completed as part of the proposed academic course of study.
  • be composed of no less than 40 credit hours

Students cannot propose an individualized major necessitating certification by an external accrediting body. Upon formal approval, the Registration and Records Office will officially update the student’s academic record with the individualized major.

Any changes to the program study must be approved by the Registration and Records Office and both co-advisors before additional and/or alternate courses will count toward the student’s major requirements.

Course Requirements

  • at least 4 courses at the 300- or 400- level
  • no more than 4 courses at the 100-level
  • ordinarily, the program of study should include at least 16 credit hours from each of two different disciplines

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